Monday, June 10, 2013

Insane convo with the Hubster

   Out of the blue the other day, the Hubster looks over at me and says smugly, "Your in trouble."
Me, deer in headlights, (crap he found out I bought shit and I'm busted-but totally playing it off on good defense.): "WTF did I do?", I respond, complete with accusatory raised eyebrow, and stink eye thrown in for good measure.
Hubster: looking at me askance for the defensive 'tude, continues, "I had a dream about my girlfriend Scarlett (johnassen) last night."
Me: Eye roll, "Do I really want to hear this?"
Hubster: (completely oblivious that I even spoke, excitedly launches into his dream sequence), "She approached me to become a team member for the Avengers."
Me: (completely skeptical that he could pull off a mask and super hero cape), gamely, yet cautiously, ask, "As what?!"
Hubster: "A decoy!" He says proudly. "I'm supposed to be the decoy planted in the middle of an attack, so the Avengers can take down the bad guys, but some girls saw me with Scarlett and were completely turned on by me, which made Scar  jealous, so she kicked their asses. Then I woke up." 

I couldn't even answer, I was doubled over in hysterical (i have to pee and am not gonna make it to the bathroom) laughter. 

I truly heart this man, even the little boy side of him.

And this, is a good example why men *never* grow up, not only do they dream of extremely hot chicks drooling over them, but they also have to incorporate super hero fantasies into the mix. OMG!