Friday, December 30, 2011

So, I'm sure some of you are wondering why my sweet angelic 4 year old Charlie, is referred to as the Demon Spawn. Well, let me assure you, that in his four years on this earth, he has totally earned the nick name and quite a few of my (many) posts to come will explain, in detail, why. Here's one for starters.

1st week of school, Charlie is on the cusp of turning 4, and in desperation of fitting in with his older siblings, has insisted on wearing his buzz lightyear backpack while both dropping and picking up Audie and Sam to and from school. An altercation occurs on the playground, while I'm *busy* chattng with friends. I can see Charlie gripping his backpack straps to his little chest as I hear his voice rising in anger, yet strain as I might, the actual words are swept away by the wind. He’s up against four older boys creating a ring around him. I’m deciding to intervene, when I notice the boys leave (As if the hounds of Hell were upon them. Little did I know at the time how fitting this description would be!). This is when my (then, 5 yr old) Audie approaches me.
Auds, tugging on my shirt: "Mom, Charlie said a bad word."
Me, giving her the brush-off: " really, I doubt it was anything serious."
Auds: "Mom, he did!" (Very earnest)
Me, sighing heavily: "Fine, what did he say?"
Auds as she leans in to whisper in my ear: "He said, “Get your hands off me you bastards”.
Me, resigned to the fact that he is a Demon Spawn, yells: "He said what?!" then I can be heard to screech, "Chaaarrrrllllieeeee!!!!!!!!"

That my friends is just *one* of the reasons why my sweet baby boy, with the twinkling eyes is indeed a demon spawn. More stories to follow.


  1. And bad to the bone, he must take after his Daddy... (insert halo here).