Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Hubsters "weekend" shirt... My eyes!!! Ahhhhh!!!! 

So, the Hubster has a history of favorites with regards to certain clothing items. Remember my intro peeps?! Well, some of his favored items I find *slightly* offensive. I don't know, maybe it's because once he finds a favorite, he wears it to death, much like his aforementioned "weekend" shirt. Ugh!

C'mon!! Be honest, you all have the same struggles! Im not the only one with an unruly spouse, am I?!?!

**side note: The Hubs really doesn't *care* for my fashion critique(s), nor my choice in clothing for him. I know, I know, I'm shocked too!

When he initially picked it out off the rack, I thought, sure, why not? 
 It was decidedly tame, no abhorrent colors or patterns and it was casual, so he could wear it anywhere (I now realize, looking back, that maybe that should've been the red flag!). Well, he's worn this shirt every. weekend. 
He even refers to it as his "weekend" shirt. No joke! I'm so sick of seeing this stupid shirt that once winter got here, I was thrilled to wash it one last time for the season, and pack it away deep within the dresser drawer-in the hopes that he wouldn't find it. 

So fast forward to two weeks ago (we're in the middle of winter), unbeknownst to me, he must've been rummaging through his dresser drawers. We're getting ready to run errands, when he comes strutting out of the bathroom and says proudly, "look, I found a new way to wear my "weekend shirt". 


I turn around in dread and to my great despair, he's wearing that stupid (bleeping) shirt! He'd *ingeniously* placed a long sleeve thermal shirt underneath said polo. Now, I don't know about you all, but, I lack a filter at times.... Seriously, if I were a super hero, curse words and speaking before thinking would be my super weakness (because I can't NOT do it), much like cryptonite is superman's-normally i'd refer to this as my "super power" (mainly because I excel at it!), but there's really no way I can pass these traits off in a positive light... Unless timing, insensitivity and snark are to be commended....

Soooooo, I opened my mouth and blurted, "How in the (bleep) did you find that stupid (bleeping) shirt?!".
Now, he's fully aware that I've managed to *hide* his favorite items before. He *lost* his favorite florescent orange fleece pullover with the black trim, during our move home.... No idea how that happened?? As well as his trucker baseball cap. Bummer... Then there was his black skeleton hoodie. Tragic... 
You get my drift, and so did he, he's not easily duped! I have to go to *great lengths* to pull one over on him, and even then, I'm not entirely convinced that I've been successful... 

I must've really pissed him off with this one, because he didn't speak nor blink an eye. He just calmly took his weekend shirt off and tossed it to the ground at my feet. 

Oops, my bad. 

I felt horrible and (lets be honest) slightly relieved that he wouldn't be wearing it again-at least not anytime soon!? (fingers crossed, fingers crossed!!!)
Well, I haven't seen it since and I can't help but wonder if it'll make an appearance this spring?! I also can't help wondering what, (if anything??) the Hubster might decide to *hide* of mine in retaliation if he ever reads this blog?!?! 

If it's my new eyebrow pencil, I'm (bleeped).

**I bleeped my curse words in this segment, because to be honest, there were just too bleeping many of them! I'd like to add, that my Hubster is one in a million, his sense of humor is at times outrageous and always keeps me in stitches! That being said, after this post, if no one's seen, nor heard from me in a while, come LOOKING!!!

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