Sunday, January 8, 2012

A shout out to the Hubster!

The Hubster bought me Lynea UGG boots for Christmas!!! These babies are so unbelievably awesome, that while wearing them, they give me the illusion I'm a sexy hipster still kickin' it in my twenties.


I'm so enamored of them, err, *him*, that I'll even take back every mean thing I've ever said about him, or to him, in the heat of battle and it's aftermath...

*Disclaimer: Above said statement dose NOT include the following instances. Fights and or disagreements, where the Hubs is TOTALLY in the wrong. (i.e. All the time.). Arguments that span years worth of gripes that have, as yet, not been agreed upon-in my favor.
These are all considered battle tactics and cannot be compromised nor will any quarter be given. This notation must be upheld at all times-especially when accepting rockin' gifts that are undeniably well deserved...

That being said, a great big "THANK YOU" to my dearest Hubster! I promise I'll be on my best behavior going forward!

Pfttttt.... Who am I kidding?! I promise to NOT make any *promises* I can't keep! That seems more attainable... I think?! Oh, screw it! Let's just say, I have the BEST Hubs ever and leave it at that. Mwuah!

Ladies, all kidding aside, I highly recommend purchasing yourselves a pair, I'm in love! *sqwee*

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